YFFP started as a conversation between four like-minded individuals in New Delhi. We are an informal network, currently running on volunteerism and goodwill. Our greatest assets are the curiosity and drive of the young people who attend our events, and the generosity of our expert speakers and occasional institutional collaborators.

Given our aim to generate curiosity and greater interest on issues of foreign policy, we launched our trademark monthly Cafe Conversations, which provided a relatively informal and unstructured atmosphere conducive to frank discussions of important foreign policy issues between eminent practitioners and scholars of Indian foreign policy and young Indians.

The YFFP also aims to develop relationships and forums for discussions with youth organisations in India’s neighbouring countries and beyond, endeavours to connect foreign policy stakeholders such as policy makers, government officials, members of political parties, policy think tanks and youth groups, and wants to make India’s foreign policy more responsive to the concerns of the youth.

At YFFP, we believe that foreign policy should be a subject for everyday discussion and debate not just among young people in New Delhi but also among young people all over India. Today we have more than 4,000+ members and our events are well attended across different cities of Delhi, Kolkata, Guwahati, Bangalore and Mumbai.


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